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By February 11, 2018

We had such a fantastic time and were blown away by how many people came to join us last week at our Wine and Design event at Surfaces NW!  SO – MUCH – FUN!!! Loved meeting so many that we only knew from email/facebook!     A huge thank you to Surfaces NW for sharing

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By August 7, 2017

    What color did this tile USED to be? Hard to imagine this bathroom as anything but spacious and neutral, isn’t it?  When we first visited this beautiful home, the space didn’t feel quite so neutral….    As usual, I’m sorry I didn’t take better before photos….but you get the idea. Seafoam green and

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By January 6, 2015

I viewed this home long before it was purchased by our clients.  It had been listed for sale for a L-O-N-G time and the seller was resistant to doing any updating or staging despite the real estate agent’s suggestions Very distinctive tile/paint colors and dated amenities were a sale stopper for most home buyers. The

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By January 19, 2013

Most of the homes that we help prepare to sell have at least one challenge.  A staging, cleaning, de-cluttering, or maintenance situation that isn’t easy to solve. This spacious kitchen was in great shape, but the island and pot rack made it feel cramped.  Removing it wouldn’t be hard, but would cause a couple of

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By November 18, 2012

What’s the biggest mistake people make when updating their kitchens and bathrooms?     Choosing surfaces that don’t complement each other.  They might be close….almost a good match — but there is a little difference that makes it “off”. Not that each individual surface isn’t beautiful on its own – but when they are all brought

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By March 11, 2012

We often see tiles that are tattle tales. You know the type — the ones that scream – “I was built in 1980 and custom!  People should love me forever”! Often the culprit can be accent tiles — strategically placed to bring color into the room.  Now they bossily influence the decorating scheme and to

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