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By January 3, 2011

Looking to get the most money for your home in 2011? Experts say it boils down to two key points.  When selling your home there are only two elements you can control – price and presentation. If you don’t want to keep lowering the price, a home must speak volumes of value and have a

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By November 14, 2010

I’ll be getting in trouble with some real estate agents over this one, but I have strong opinions on the “carpet allowance” question! What does “carpet allowance” say to me? The seller doesn’t have the time or money to get new carpeting, so maybe I can negotiate the lower selling price. There may be other

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By August 1, 2010

The following article is so well written I couldn’t help but highlighting it on our blog site as well.  If home sellers are not willing to price their home where their real estate professional has advised, they are wasting time and their agent’s efforts. In 2010 we have started calculating our home staging statistics differently

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By January 23, 2010

Following is a great article from a home builder who has seen all types of markets and situations. We haven’t had experience with thousands of sales like he has, but we too continue to be amazed at how staging makes well laid out homes warm and wonderful and awkward floor plans “work”.   This winter has

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By January 14, 2010

Thinking of selling your home in 2010? HGTV and top real estate experts have compiled a list of the biggest mistakes made when buying and selling homes. Here’s the #1 home selling mistake according to real estate expert  Donna Freeman of HGTV’s Secrets That Sell. “1. Failing to Showcase Your Home and Making Small Cosmetic

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By December 16, 2009

Twas the month before listing, when all through the house the owners were nervous, and began to grouse. It was time they decided their house to prepare, in hopes that some buyers soon would be there. There was no time to rest all snug in their beds, images of projects danced in their heads. “What

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