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By December 3, 2009

Atmosphere . . . You can almost see a beautiful setting when you let that word roll around in your mind can’t you? Today I happened upon a wonderful interior design blog which had an interview with designer Charlotte Moss.  She was asked in an interview “What is the most important element of a room?” 

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By November 17, 2009

I’ve never been one you’d consider lucky. Never found four leaf clovers . . . always lost my rabbits foot . . . and never had a special lucky number. Usually when I wished on the wishbone – I didn’t win. But I’ve decided I’ve finally found my lucky charm! We didn’t realize it was

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By November 8, 2009

Have a beautiful but dirty chandelier? Light fixtures can be a focal point and beautiful feature of a dining room, but when dusty and spotted, they are an eyesore, not a selling feature! Cleaning a chandelier can be a chore if each crystal is removed, cleaned and replaced. We’ve used this cleaning product in homes

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By November 6, 2009

Thinking of pulling out all those boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorating the same way as last year?  We love traditional and affordable decorating.  This year we’ve had lots of requests for ideas to add a fresh look at a low cost – so have been on the hunt! How about a few fun and

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By November 5, 2009

Wondering what home improvements you should  do before putting your home on the market? Which ones will be noticed most? If you invest in improvements can you recoup your investment? HomeGain regularly conducts a home improvement survey.  This survey has been a guide for thousands of home sellers when preparing their home for sale.  Following

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By October 27, 2009

Thinking about putting your home on the market? Do you think people will understand that you are getting ready to move and see past your “stuff”? We all live busy lives and when you’re getting ready to move its hard to keep things spotless — does it really make that much difference if there is

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