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By October 11, 2009

I confess – I don’t like to clean.  I love to make things beautiful and I like things clean, but to me, cleaning isn’t fun. My latest little secret is that when I’m cleaning I’m thinking about a spa!  Think that cleaning and spending a relaxing time in a spa are similar is crazy?  It’s

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By October 9, 2009

Recently we were doing a staging project on a home that had beautiful vinyl flooring in the kitchen – but the sheen in the center of the floor was dull and made the flooring appear old and tired. When viewed from the adjoining dining room a buyer would assume the vinyl must be replaced. We

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By October 5, 2009

Staging consultations are one of my favorite aspects of being a home staging and redesign specialist.  Why?  It brings so much hope and direction to a home seller! Most sellers, especially in this market, have a specific reason for selling – whether it is to relocate, wanting to upgrade to a nicer home, or perhaps

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By September 28, 2009

We stood in the entry of a uniquely styled home.  The listing agent observed, “This is where buyers will decide if they are going to buy the home or not – within seconds”.  He understands how important it is to “set the tone” and that first impressions were disappointing in this entry. How do you

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By September 21, 2009

Thinking fall is the time to pull up the for sale sign and wait until spring?  We think it’s time to boost up the curb appeal before foul weather appears and make sure your home is ready to compete for buyers’ attention! Typically winter brings fewer buyers to the market place, but these buyers are

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By September 18, 2009

Wondering if your home will sell in this competitive market? Smart Money has some great ideas here on helping home sellers get off to a great start. Home sellers are smart to take the time to do some research and make sure they heed this advice. You wouldn’t go to a job interview without preparing

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