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By December 17, 2015

This beautiful Albany home wasn’t getting the attention it deserved and the savy listing agent brought us in to work a little magic!  To complete the transformation, professional photography. (Which we feel is a necessity!) Where are people shopping for homes? On line. Listing Photos Matter!  Not only are these rooms transformed by stylish furniture and

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By March 26, 2013

Just had to share this recent upgrade we did for a beautiful historic home in Albany, Oregon.  The main bathroom didn’t have a shower….problematic for most families.  It had a few other uhhhh…..”issues” that kept this room from feeling like a  “spa retreat”.  Little things like wallpaper and green plastic tiles on the walls….on top

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By October 24, 2011

The times of sticking a sign in the yard and receiving a full price offer is highly unlikely — BUT — we are seeing amazing things happening this fall in the real estate market throughout the Willamette Valley. All the homes we staged in September have sold (except one builder model).  Coincidence?  We don’t think

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By December 6, 2010

Does your bathroom need some pizazz? Bathroom before Creative Concepts Home Staging I think this bathroom was embarrassed at their blandness and being half naked! Cute backsplash but where's the pizzaz? We like the backsplash, but it was lost is a ocean ocean of mundane and beige. We didn’t have the option of painting .

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By December 5, 2010

Don’t you LOVE a sparkling clean home?! I confess – I can find a zillion things I’d rather do than clean my house. I love sparkling clean. I hate the work it takes to get that way. There just isn’t enough time to be the design and decorating diva and the queen of clean too

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By December 3, 2010

Dear Creative Concepts:  I need a Home Make-over!  I’d love to have a home I “fall in love with” every time I walk in the door.  For me – finding cute home decor is the easy part – having it look great when I get it home can be a challenge.  I buy things that

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