Professional Home Staging Examples

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Posted on December 17, 2015

This beautiful Albany home wasn’t getting the attention it deserved and the savy listing agent brought us in to work a little magic!  To complete the transformation, professional photography. (Which we feel is a necessity!)

Where are people shopping for homes?

living room beforeliving room

On line.

Listing Photos Matter!  Not only are these rooms transformed by stylish furniture and decor, but these rooms appear brighter and more inviting due in part by the photography.  

great room before great room and entry

The first photos in these comparisons are the original listing photos — love how the new photos capture the beautiful architecture of this listing!

dining before dining room kitchen before dinette

Small changes – big impact!!  Changing the art on the accent wall really helped highlight this kitchen perfectly.

Skitchen family before dinette family purple bath before purple bathroom master bath before master bath staged

When home selling, the smallest details matter.

We love showcasing homes so they can be marketed for the quickest and best sale.  Was thrilled to hear this home already has had a showing with rave reviews immediately after staging!

Have a listing that isn’t getting the attention or feedback from showings that will lead to a great offer?  Maybe it’s time to consider professional home staging and photography!

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