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By May 31, 2023

While home buyers shop with logic – it is the house they fall in love with that gets the offer.  Real estate professionals agree – properties that appeal to home buyers’ emotions sell quicker and for more money. Selling your home is a big endeavor, one that can be stressful and daunting, both in preparing

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By May 4, 2023

When preparing your home to go to the market you should have at least 1 goal in mind: Sharing your home with the largest possible audience! More viewings mean a better chance of getting the offer you want and the best way to achieve this is by maximizing your home’s potential while minimizing the flaws.

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By March 14, 2023

Each week we do dozens of staging consultations — advising home sellers on decluttering, fixes needed prior to listing and making sure their homes are ready to impress for showings and the all-important listing photos. Often I will hear from sellers – “with the market being so good for home selling do I REALLY need

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By March 1, 2023

Warmer temperatures and budding flowers serve as a reminder that spring is here. Now is the time to do some deep cleaning in and around your home. Preemptive home maintenance and cleaning can protect you from expensive repairs and allow you to have peace of mind. Here are 5 major areas to focus on and

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By February 17, 2023

If the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. . . this kitchen needed some immediate attention! This kitchen/dining area suffered from some major blockage issues! While the cabinets were great quality, if you opened the refrigerator door or the oven, you created kitchen blockages. Want to look in the pantry? That creates another

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By February 15, 2023

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and thought, “Oh! That house is the cutest!”?  Whether it was its impeccably manicured lawns or the welcoming porch, something drew you to this home’s curb appeal.  This is the exact feeling you want buyers to have when they view your home.  Here are six tips to improve

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