While home buyers shop with logic – it is the house they fall in love with that gets the offer.  Real estate professionals agreeproperties that appeal to home buyers’ emotions sell quicker and for more money.

Selling your home is a big endeavor, one that can be stressful and daunting, both in preparing the home prior to listing and of course maintaining it for showings and open houses.

Here are some more often-overlooked tips that can help you prepare for the best showings possible.

  • Too Much Furniture – When selling your home, less really is more. Ensure that furniture and decor items are not interrupting the proper flow of the room. Too much furniture will make the room look smaller. Remove the dresser or extra chair that crowds the room and ensure that all walkways are wide and clear. Buyers will notice a room that is furnished awkwardly.
This home had too much furniture, making for a crowded space.
A spacious room with clean lines and ample seating helped this home sell fast!
  • Cleanliness – When listing your home for sale, ensure that it is white glove clean before your first showing. Leave no stone unturned and clean every surface, nook and cranny. Every area counts – bathroom fans, clean air returns, baseboards.
  • Odors – It’s often difficult to detect odors in your own home, but if you have pets, previous moisture damage or smoke cigarettes or cigars in your house, these lingering odors will raise red flags with potential buyers. Avoid covering these with artificial air fresheners and instead work to remove the source. Remove pets from the property if possible for the time the house is on the market, fix damaged areas, air out the house, paint the walls and smoke outside.

97% of buyers’ agents said staging
affects the buyer’s view of the home.

  • DIY – Hire a professional – Realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers and home stagers all have the training and skills needed to help you with your home buying and selling needs. For updates or repairs, hire a skilled trade professional such as a plumber, electrician, or general contractor. DIY has its place, but when it comes to selling your largest investment, it’s best to leave it to the pros.
  • Poor Listing Photos – If your agent does not provide professional photography as a part of the listing package, consider investing in this yourself – 98% of home buyers shop online first! Make sure your home is properly staged and prepared for photography. You’ve worked hard to set up your home to sell; be sure that this comes through with quality photos as well.

As a part of your home selling team, it is our job to help minimize the time your house spends on the market so you can return to your normal lifestyle. We can provide the tools you need for a successful sale and help give your home that extra “wow” factor prospective buyers are looking for. You are not just selling a home, but are selling an experience and helping someone’s dreams come true. Our expert team is here to help you achieve the best and quickest sale possible!

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