When preparing your home to go to the market you should have at least 1 goal in mind:

Sharing your home with the largest possible audience!

More viewings mean a better chance of getting the offer you want and the best way to achieve this is by maximizing your home’s potential while minimizing the flaws.

How do you do that?

Well, this can be as simple as reducing clutter and reorganizing the space, or as complex as bringing in all new furniture and accessories, or somewhere in between. Each home is unique and will require a different variety of services but all homes need to avoid these common listing issues.

  • Vacant Rooms – Did you know? Only 10% of buyers can visualize a space! Vacant rooms appear smaller to potential buyers and raise concerns regarding furniture placement. Don’t lose out on 90% of the buyers – stage it!
  • Self-Staging – With access to so many resources with tips for selling your home—including TV, the Internet and DIY books—it’s easy to misinterpret the information provided in these resources and apply these techniques incorrectly. Every home is unique and should be staged as such. Certified Home Staging Professionals are trained to deal with all types of challenging rooms and have the solutions to help your house make a lasting impression.
The before. Oversized furniture and unstaged, this listing sat for 4+ months.
  • Staging With Random Furniture – When a space is missing the furniture it needs to define and fill it effectively, we often hear things such as “My mom has an extra coffee table” and “My friend said I could borrow some art”. These pieces are intended to coordinate with their respective owners’ styles and furnishings and may appear out of place in your home. Use caution when borrowing any items.
  • Bare Walls – Too often we are greeted with properties that lack any wall decorations. Homeowners commonly suffer from a fear of commitment – to artwork. Afraid to put holes in the walls until they find that “perfect piece”, they find themselves years later with an incomplete room. Wall furnishings help to pull the room together and provide a warm, “cozy” look and feel. For selling purposes, be sure to avoid any personal wall pieces and instead swap these for more neutral artwork.
  • Staging AFTER Listing – You reach the greatest number of buyers within the first 2 weeks that the house is listed on the market – be sure that you make the best first impression possible by showing your house at its absolute finest from day one.
This is, by far, our favorite after! Staged and SOLD!

Whether you need a space in the home to be expertly defined or want to achieve a boosted luxury feel to get top dollar, staging gives buyers the feeling of “home” the moment they walk through the door.

No matter the home size or price point staging will enhance a home’s best features, minimizing its flaws,
increase online views and will lead to more showings and offers.

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