Embarking on the journey of revamping their recently acquired home, our clients on Port Stewart witnessed a remarkable transformation with the assistance of Margaret & The Creative Concepts team. Prepare to be amazed as you explore the captivating small details that have turned this once-unassuming space into a realm of captivating boldness..

Exterior: The timeless brick façade came to life with a striking contrast of black trim, complemented by a lighter paint color, all beautifully accentuated by the freshly painted red door.

The Finished Product!

A vibrant transformation swept through this space, courtesy of bright new white quartz counters and a fresh coat of paint on the existing cabinets. The addition of bold white appliances infused the area with a modern and pristine aura.

Moreover, a contemporary touch was achieved by upgrading the island and dining room light fixtures, adding a touch of sophistication.

Yet, the true showstoppers of this kitchen are the strikingly vibrant blue lower cabinets and the captivating mosaic backsplash embracing the under-mount kitchen sink – a breathtaking design meticulously coordinated with the owner’s cherished dish collection. This kitchen now exudes an invigorating blend of style and functionality.

Turning our attention to the master bathroom, a pivotal transformation unfolded. Addressing a key concern, we ingeniously fashioned a separate toilet enclosure, complete with a charming window above to infuse the space with natural light and a sense of depth. As part of this comprehensive upgrade, a sleek tile shower, luxurious heated tile floors, and pristine new countertops were seamlessly integrated, redefining the bathroom’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The extra nuances of this remodel undeniably injected a “wow” factor into the space. Notably, the incorporation of decorative tiles in the laundry room, as well as the primary and guest bathrooms, bestowed an abundance of design charm upon these areas.

The fine details in the tile backsplash, flooring and shower niche.

In the guest bathroom, a delightful array of enhancements came together seamlessly. A fresh coat of paint breathed new life into the space, while the introduction of elegant tile flooring exuded a sense of refinement. The addition of an updated, trendsetting mirror, along with carefully chosen lights and hardware, added the perfect finishing touches, elevating the guest bathroom into a realm of modern sophistication..

Within the family room, a series of subtle yet impactful alterations were executed. The removal of the accent wall, coupled with the framing of the old TV alcove and a fresh coat of paint on the walls, yielded remarkable transformations. These seemingly minor adjustments yielded significant results, infusing the space with newfound radiance and a refreshed ambiance.

Before warm and dated paint and tile.

Bringing a homeowner’s special design desires to a space gives us so much joy. We hope the homeowners love their updated home for years to come!

A special thank you to Melina Tomson for referring us to her clients and to HD Open House for these beautiful after photos!

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