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By December 17, 2015

This beautiful Albany home wasn’t getting the attention it deserved and the savy listing agent brought us in to work a little magic!  To complete the transformation, professional photography. (Which we feel is a necessity!) Where are people shopping for homes? On line. Listing Photos Matter!  Not only are these rooms transformed by stylish furniture and

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By October 31, 2015

This beautiful luxury home in Salem Oregon was listed June 1st.  It was vacant except for a few pieces of the owners furniture. Throughout the best selling months,  the house wasn’t sold and in mid September Creative Concepts was hired to stage this stunning view property. (Listing price remained the same.)  Guess what???  While fall

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By March 25, 2015

Creative Concepts recently was hired to help market a subdivision which wasn’t selling and needed a long-term model.  The homes had been on the market for over six months and the builder was prepared to have the staged model for months while marketing these homes. We staged their model home in February.  Immediately showings picked up,

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By March 22, 2015

Brandon, a real estate investor with a nicely updated home, contacted us in early November for a staging estimate.  His listing had been on the market since October and wasn’t attracting offers. After reviewing the staging proposal, he asked us to just stage the bedrooms — that is the area they were getting negative feedback on

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By June 17, 2013

The Marion-Polk Home Builders Tour will be running through June 23rd – weekends noon to 6pm and weekdays 6pm-9pm.  Always a big event for Salem area residents, it was great to see the activity yesterday at the houses — LOTS of people checking out what’s new in design and builder craftsmanship! Here’s a sneak peak

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By April 21, 2013

Home selling this year?  While the real estate market has improved, we continue to see homes that stand out and make a impressive first impression get more showings and stronger offers! When selling a vacant home it is hard for potential buyers to see the size of the rooms.  Since over 94% of home buyers

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