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By July 9, 2013

When I talk about painting cabinets with real estate agents or home owners I frequently get quite passionate responses that painting perfectly good wood is criminal. Or that painting oak cabinets can’t be done well. Or that the finish isn’t durable. I disagree on all counts and over and over help home owners remodel their

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By March 26, 2013

Just had to share this recent upgrade we did for a beautiful historic home in Albany, Oregon.  The main bathroom didn’t have a shower….problematic for most families.  It had a few other uhhhh…..”issues” that kept this room from feeling like a  “spa retreat”.  Little things like wallpaper and green plastic tiles on the walls….on top

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By January 16, 2010

These homes suffered from a colorful past – and when corrected the results were astounding.  You’ve seen these homes – ones that are in a dated hue, are too personal or bold.  90% of home buyers are looked first on the internet for real estate in 2009.  When preparing a home for sale, it’s time

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