Affordable Tile Backsplash – Add Value to your Kitchen or Bathroom!

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Posted on July 13, 2010

Wanting to add value to your home? Whether you’re selling or thinking of making updates, it can be a daunting task!  HGTV and home design television shows make it appear that homes can easily be tranfsformed from drab to fab in 30 minutes and on a shoestring budget.

Many home sellers can testify that preparing their homes for sale or making decorating updates can be a little more challenging!  Here’s a project do it yourselfers can do easily and the results are fantastic!

Affordable Tile Backsplash

affordable updating of backsplashes and kitchens

Looking for a way to spice up your bath or kitchen and have a formica back splash?

Here’s a before pic of a recent project.

spice up boring backsplashes affordablyDon’t be distracted by all the stuff . . . check out the backsplash — boring and dated! (If you are updating your formica countertops please . . . don’t use this option!  There are so many other beautiful options to choose for just a few dollars more!)

These glass tiles were at a local home supply store for $3.82 per square foot.

It is sold in one foot squares and has webbing on the back for EASY installation!

using glass tiles for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes













The tile squares can be cut to the height and length desired with scissors.  We install these glass square tiles without using a tile cutter!  If using the subway style I have a trick so email me if you need help.

We were on a budget in this example, so covered the existing area only, but it could have run all the wall up to the upper cabinets too (yum).

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Carefully remove existing formica with razor and putty knives, limiting damage to drywall.
  2. We run a razor knife along the top of the formica first – breaking the “seal” where the paint can easily be damaged
  3. When existing formica is removed, seal it with waterproofing sealer before adding tile
  4. Do a “dry fit”.  Before using adhesive on the walls plan how the tiles will be laid out.  We do these applications without cutting tiles if we plan properly! (If using square tiles – we have a trick for the subway style too so contact me if you need advice!)

kitchen backsplash after installing glass tile backsplash




Here’s the same kitchen after the new backsplash is installed. (yes, we’re changing the handles next . . . that’s another blog altogether)  The new look is so much more contemporary and upgraded!  And for less than $2 a linear foot!

If you’re hesitant to install tile, we can recommend an AMAZING tile installer who has traveled from Corvallis to Portland for our clients.  Installation cost is $5-$7 per foot.








master bath before updating countertop and backsplash











Here’s another before and after example on a bathroom.  Materials for this bathroom backsplash was under $20 —SWEET!

master bath after home staging updates












Here we also had the counter formica professional replaced which cost less than $50.  What an incredible updated look for less than $60!

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