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By January 9, 2010

Thinking about selling your home, but hate the thought of de-cluttering? Ask any real estate agent or home stager and each one will agree — Clearing the clutter is key to effectively marketing your home! Still not inspired?  Here’s a great article stating that de-cluttering is not only a good idea but that “Buyers can’t

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By December 27, 2009

Wanting to improve home organization in 2010? Wishing your closets and cupboards had more room? Thinking of selling your home and wondering if you should remove clutter? Today’s a great time to get started on these goals — take tiny steps and soon they can be accomplished.  Here’s a quick tip to get you started!

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By December 26, 2009

Want to improve the look and feel of a room? One of the quickest ways to improve a space is by removing cluttering. When we help clients “declutter”, frequently they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  If you want to live a more organized life in 2010 or are planning to sell your

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By December 18, 2009

Santa baby . . . I keep telling you . . . I’ve been a very good girl. When you zip down the chimney this year can we work on a few things?  No you don’t need to load your pack with that ’54 convertible, (light blue), this year . . . I’ve got a

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By December 14, 2009

Selling your home and the holiday season is approaching?  Wondering if you should decorate and if so, how much?  Follow these tips to assure a festive look that you and potential buyers will love. 1.            Highlight your home’s exterior. For a classy look stick with single colored lights on the house or featured shrubs and

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By December 5, 2009

Just count to ten . . . that’s all the time it takes for buyers to create a strong opinion of your home.  Does your curb appeal impress that potential home buyer? Within seconds, buyers have formed a strong first impression – one that’s hard to change! With buyers choosier than ever, if your curb

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