Irregular Shaped Rooms Look Better Staged!

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Posted on May 5, 2017

Making an awkward shaped living room work doesn’t have to be challenging — just keep in mind to make a conversation area and a focal point!

This beautiful Corvallis home had a long triangular space that was….well awkward!

First we tackled the odd corner.  By adding large decorative pieces that squared up the room we now had a perfect conversation area highlighted with our couch, chairs and coffee table set. The fireplace was a natural focal point. By floating the couch in the room, we’ve created flow through both entryways into the living area; one from the front entry and the other from the dining/kitchen area. We anchored the couch on the area rug and added our furniture and decor pieces around the rug.



The easiest way to make this room work was to square off the seating area and not let the odd angle dictate where to put the furniture. Pull all of your furniture away from the walls, ground your seating arrangements with a rug and the area will instantly feel comfortable, cozy and pulled together!

Do you have an odd shaped room? Wonder how to showcase for selling or decorate for yourself? Contact Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting today, one of our design team members can assist you! We love making it look beautiful (and easy)!! 503-881-0886


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