Staging is an essential real estate marketing tool in any market, especially in today’s seller’s market!

Hear what John Chase with Cadwell Realty said about the vacant staging done by Creative Concepts on his recently SOLD listing (WITH MULTIPLE, OVER ASKING PRICED OFFERS!!)

“There’s rarely a scenario where staging doesn’t make sense. Margaret and her team have a vision to make the most average home OVER ACHIEVE. I wish I could conduct an experiment where I list a home “plain jane”, then turn around and do the same with the same property to see how much more the “staged” version nets vs “plain jane”. With 3 (pricing) options of which to choose from, staging can almost always fit a client’s budget while netting them a MINIMUM of 10-15k more for the money they spend to market the property. Not to mention limited market time!”

We couldn’t agree more with John, STAGING SELLS!

BEFORE: (So hard to visualize room sizes and purposes when listed on the market vacant!)


When viewing staged homes, buyers are able to visualize themselves living in the home, creating an emotional connection.

In a seller’s market, the question isn’t “will my home sell”?  The real question is “how can I maximize my equity when home selling?”  Staging transforms a plain jane home into a hot commodity attracting more showings and better offers.

Photo Credit: Professional Staging Photos by Ryan Murphy at Marks In Time Photography

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