Oregon Home Staging Statistics

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Posted on February 26, 2012

Is home staging just wishful thinking?Professional stagers claim that home staging is a proven method of marketing real estate effectively.

But is it really?       Or is it just wishful thinking?

It’s hard to deny the power of  listing photographs – and with 94% of home buyers searching online first, the first showing is not taking place with a real estate agent at the buyer’s side, but on a computer where photos speak louder than words.

What are the statistics? For the past few years we have quoted the national statistics compiled by the Real Estate Staging Association.


  • 2007 – vacant staged homes sold 68% faster
  • 2008 – vacant staged homes sold 85% faster
  • 2009 – vacant staged homes sold 78% faster
  • 2010 – vacant staged homes sold 67% faster
  • 2007 – occupied staged homes sold 46% faster
  • 2008 – occupied staged homes sold 89% faster
  • 2009 – occupied staged homes sold 78% faster
  • 2010 – occupied staged homes sold 85% faster=

Based on these statistics, professionally staged homes sell an average of 75% faster than homes that aren’t professionally staged.

But what about home staging statistics in Oregon? For 2011 we tracked statistics for our staged properties.  We staged over 130 properties (and did hundreds of staging consultations) primarily in Linn, Benton, Marion, and Polk counties.   When days on market in our area averaged 140 or more, our client’s average was 36.   (Pretty close to 75%.)   38% of the homes we staged were on the market prior to staging.  Some for up to a year.

Some people find statistics useless and are more impressed by before and after photos.

We still find it magical when we stage a property — every time.

But we like what client’s say best:

“Just wanted to thank you for the home staging you did for us! In this depressed market we knew we needed all the help we could get. We were ready to settle in for the winter with limited showings, boy were we wrong. The first person to look at it made a great offer and less than two months later, the new owners are moving in today! We had a ton of showings all the way through Christmas and into the new year and very nearly a backup offer as well. Your staging made all the difference. Thank you! We tell everyone about you and how fabulous you are at what you do!” Tamara of Philomath Oregon


Whether it’s statistics, photos or testimonials — the bottom line is:  We’re blessed to  provide a service that has been found valuable by so many home sellers and real estate agents in 2011!

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