This morning I ordered paint color samples for a client who is purchasing a new home.  Currently, the home is painted “builder beige” – all the walls and ceilings the same color.  BLAH! The architecture is beautiful, but not highlighted well.

Choosing the ideal paint color can be frustrating! With the perfect paint colors, this house is going to look AMAZING!!!

But how to choose the perfect paint color?  Here are two colors we love.  

paint color knitting needles  paint color Worldly Gray

(We have SO many favorites!)  So often when we meet with home owners they are overwhelmed by the paint selection process!  Yes, even subtle differences between shades can make a huge difference.

Trying to choose paint colors?  Here’s my two cents…..

1  Don’t choose a paint color from a tiny paint chip or fan deck.  Visualizing how these colors look in an entire room is challenging and undertones that are oh so subtle can be overwhelming on a big wall.  The image of my first home so many years ago that I thought was going to be a neutral beige (chosen from a tiny paint chip) and ended up looking like a fleshy salmon is still burned into my memory.

2  Choose the paint color in the room.  Lighting and flooring dramatically impacts how paint colors look.  What looks perfect in your best friend’s living room may not be ideal for your home.

3.  Comparing paint colors can be tricky.  Always analyze paint colors with a large white area around the sample.  Otherwise, your eye is tricked when it is comparing it to the existing paint color.

4.  Paint color consultations are inexpensive and so much cheaper than having a room repainted!  Less stressful and time saving too!

When helping clients choose paint colors we help them choose a few options we know will work well in a room.  Then we order large (8″x11″) samples (or get sample quarts) and put these colors on white poster boards — leaving a nice wide border of white around the paint color.  These oversized samples then can be placed in different areas of the room, to see how they look in different light and at different times of the day.  (How color changes in different lighting is almost magic!)

We love how paint colors, especially the right paint colors, can transform a room!

Ceiling and walls painted builder white neutral paint color transformation

banish boring wall colors! contrast paint colors for vaulted rooms

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