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By February 1, 2010

Nearly every home I go to has this problem — caulking that isn’t maintained around tubs and showers. Sometimes it’s yellowed, other times it’s mildewed — and sometimes as illustrated so well here – it is causing permanent damage to the flooring. When recaulking, be sure to remove all old product and use a quality

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By January 3, 2010

Want a super durable and easy to maintain floor – but one that has more class than linoleum?    Love the look of tile or stone but don’t like the coldness it can have (especially here in Oregon)? We’ve used and recommended Duraceramic by Congoleum dozens of times and never been disappointed.   Whether you’re looking to

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By January 2, 2010

When we visit homes that are being prepared for sale, often little changes yield huge results. Small things may seem minor and home sellers may think we are being “nit-pics” for bringing up such insignificant items. Big or small – we want to address and rectify every item that will give buyers the impression that

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By December 5, 2009

Just count to ten . . . that’s all the time it takes for buyers to create a strong opinion of your home.  Does your curb appeal impress that potential home buyer? Within seconds, buyers have formed a strong first impression – one that’s hard to change! With buyers choosier than ever, if your curb

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By November 5, 2009

Wondering what home improvements you should  do before putting your home on the market? Which ones will be noticed most? If you invest in improvements can you recoup your investment? HomeGain regularly conducts a home improvement survey.  This survey has been a guide for thousands of home sellers when preparing their home for sale.  Following

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By October 9, 2009

Recently we were doing a staging project on a home that had beautiful vinyl flooring in the kitchen – but the sheen in the center of the floor was dull and made the flooring appear old and tired. When viewed from the adjoining dining room a buyer would assume the vinyl must be replaced. We

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