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By December 18, 2010

  Paint colors make the mood! Paint! – one of the most affordable things you can do to change a room. Most of the time it misses the mark – doesn’t make the biggest impact possible. THE perfect color and shade make all the difference. What do you think about YOUR paint colors? We painted

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By December 7, 2010

Many will think that poorly prepared listings are a rare case, but unfortunately I rarely see listing photos that couldn’t be improved. Home sellers count on real estate professionals to advise them on how to sell their homes the quickest, for the least hassle, and for the most money. Some agents are afraid to: hurt

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By October 11, 2010

One rewarding aspect of our business and blog is that people actually read what we write and take our advice!  Wow! (As a mom of 5 my advice at home isn’t always appreciated as you can imagine.) Just had to share the pics one of our readers sent to us last week! She’s been reading

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By September 4, 2010

As Professional Home Stagers, we consult daily with home sellers preparing to put their homes on the market. These houses are the special places to each of them –  they’ve raised their families, collected precious memories or perhaps done some updates or improvements that should increase the home’s market value.  It should come to no

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By July 27, 2010

I’m thinking about painting my home office a trendy purple. Do you have any advice of a paint color? Thanks for asking this GREAT questions!  I have to confess . . . I have an eggplant-colored wall in my living room, a lighter purple bathroom and   –L-O-V-E–  so many shades of purple! When choosing paint

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By July 21, 2010

When selling your home, you know first impressions and curb appeal are important.  But did you know that all the photos of your home are important?  Over 93% of consumers utilize the internet when searching for homes.  Are your listing photos giving the impression that makes potential buyers want to see more? If the bathroom

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