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By September 28, 2009

We stood in the entry of a uniquely styled home.  The listing agent observed, “This is where buyers will decide if they are going to buy the home or not – within seconds”.  He understands how important it is to “set the tone” and that first impressions were disappointing in this entry. How do you

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By September 21, 2009

Thinking fall is the time to pull up the for sale sign and wait until spring?  We think it’s time to boost up the curb appeal before foul weather appears and make sure your home is ready to compete for buyers’ attention! Typically winter brings fewer buyers to the market place, but these buyers are

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By August 29, 2009

Frequently we work with clients who have sidelights next to their entry doors.  These sidelights come in a variety of styles, but the clear glass sidelights pose problems for some homeowners.  How do you maintain privacy?  Homeowners frequently cover these windows with curtains, blinds or customized stained glass to give them the privacy they desire.

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By August 3, 2009

As we continue to examine curb appeal we’re going in-depth about roofs and moss — it doesn’t have any appeal when it’s on your roof! As you look at a house, the roof is a major portion of the view and curb appeal.  If you see moss, it must be removed.  Not only does it

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By August 2, 2009

A recent poll of home buyers asked: “Aside from the Kitchen and Bathroom what is the biggest selling point of a house”?    Think you know the answer? It wasn’t a spacious master suite . . . Lots of storage . . . a bonus room . . . or other structural features of a house.

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By July 15, 2009

These homes suffered from a colorful past – and when corrected the results were astounding. You’ve seen these homes – ones that are in a dated hue, are too personal or bold. Over 85% of home buyers are looking first on the internet when shopping for real estate. When preparing a home for sale, it’s

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