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Posted on August 29, 2009

sidelight and door

Frequently we work with clients who have sidelights next to their entry doors.  These sidelights come in a variety of styles, but the clear glass sidelights pose problems for some homeowners.  How do you maintain privacy?  Homeowners frequently cover these windows with curtains, blinds or customized stained glass to give them the privacy they desire.

sidelights with window coveringFor homeowners, we frequently recommend a product such as this duet blind — it can be pulled up completely letting in lots of light and provides a quality look.  They are also appealing to buyers if you are considering selling your home in the future but can be more costly than many home sellers are interested in spending.

For home sellers, it’s important to create an inviting entry to impress potential buyers.

this sidelight is too decorative and personalized


Personalized inserts and curtains should usually be removed. For example, this stained glass insert will not be attractive to some buyers and give a poor first impression.

They not only may not be appealing to many buyers, but they block light and can darken the entry area.  Any real estate agent will tell you how important a light and bright home is to create a great impression.  Here in Oregon, we have many gray days, and having more light in entries is important.



How do you maintain privacy, let in the maximum amount of light and still have a contemporary appeal?

Here are a couple of easy and affordable solutions:

spray on frost for glassFrost the window using a spray on product such as this one made by Krylon.  It can be found at hardware or home improvement stores for under $10.  Carefully mask off panes and frames to achieve a good quality look.  It can be removed from the glass with a razor blade.

privacy and decorative window filmAdhere a privacy film to the window glass which is easily removable.  Some great products are found here.  I  love some of the designs they have, but this is more expensive – about $24 per full sidelight.  privacy window filmHome improvement stores also carry a limited supply of these window films.

Avoid films that are patterned or stained glass if you are preparing your home for sale and stick with the frosted, rice paper or etched looks.  Take care when cutting the film and attaching it to the window without any creases or the finished look will not be pleasing!

For pennies, you can prepare a mixture of epsom salts and water which frosts windows as well.  For step by step instructions, see our prior post here.  This works well, but if in an area that is touched or that gets a lot of moisture, it will be easily damaged.

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