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Fall is here! How to prepare your home for fall…

Cooler temperatures and falling leaves serve as a reminder that fall is here. Now is [...]

Creative Concepts Wine and Design at Surfaces NW

We had such a fantastic time and were blown away by how many people came [...]

Make Wood Trim and Cabinets Look Like New

When you find a product that really works and that over half your clients need [...]

Albany Oregon Historic Home has new Appeal!

Just had to share this recent upgrade we did for a beautiful historic home in [...]

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Replacing the Vanity Light Bar (and raising the bar on looks too!)

Dear Creative Concepts: Hi! We have an obnoxious, large, brass Broadway light fixture that I [...]

Avoid the Gift Giving Grenade!

  Please, Santa – No clutter gifts only under the tree! You’ve all had these [...]