Replacing the Vanity Light Bar (and raising the bar on looks too!)

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Posted on May 3, 2012

Dear Creative Concepts:

Hi! We have an obnoxious, large, brass Broadway light fixture that I despise! We would love to replace it, however the hole where the electrical is is not centered over our double sink vanity. We need something with a large bar that can be mounted off center. Any thoughts?



Dear Heidi –

This is a great question!  In case other readers don’t know what type of fixture you are referring to, I wanted to post an example.  Yes – they still sell these light fixtures.  In my humble opinion no one should buy them unless they are preparing a make-up room for a Broadway theater…..and maybe not even then!

This type of light fixture is dated and not recommended

These are the least expensive option available for bathroom lighting and used even today by builders and remodelers.  They look and “feel” inexpensive and there are so many other wonderful options for just a few dollars more!

Even in satin these light fixtures aren’t going to give your bathroom a fabulous look!



Sometimes light bars do cover up a problem — like a junction box that isn’t centered.  Or maybe you just don’t have the matching paint and don’t want to have to paint the entire wall…..there are options!

Here are some great light fixtures I found quickly on  I do order lights from Lampsplus and find they are better quality than what I find in most big box stores.


Aren’t there some beautiful light fixtures available?

Quick tips for choosing a bathroom light fixture:

  • Measure the current space and light fixture – what is the maximum/minimum size of fixture works for your space?  (most fixtures come in 1-6 sconces so the same style above can be ordered in a variety of lengths)
  • Consider the metal color and glass color.  (Yes – you can mix metals.  You can have chrome faucets and oiled rubbed bronze fixtures.  Your towel bars then should be either chrome or oiled rubbed bronze.)
  • Most light fixtures are designed that the sconces can go up or down.  Be sure you have enough clearance from the ceiling — the sconces can come down over a mirror slightly if needed.
  • Try stores other than the “big box” stores.  Specialty lighting stores provide great information and often their lighting can be better quality and less expensive than you would imagine.  We are thrilled with the customer service and lights we find at The Lighting Gallery here in Salem, Oregon.  (2425 25th Street Southeast  Salem, OR 97302  (503) 364-2715).  They also can order you fixtures so ask if you don’t see what you are looking for — they are lighting experts!
  • Get help.  Call a designer or home stager to provide a consultation and help choose light fixtures.  They can help you get the perfect fixture and achieve the look you want!

Thanks for taking the time to ask this question Heidi and we appreciate you reading our blog!  I hope this helps you find a bathroom light fixture you love!




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