Show Buyers Your Best Angle!

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Posted on September 16, 2009

When a room has an unconventional floor plan it can be overwhelming for buyers to envision how they would best utilize the space.  When it is vacant – it’s twice as difficult.



This room is very large with beautiful, soaring ceilings and windows overlooking a lovely private yard — yet it has lingered on the market for several months.



huge rooms can overwhelm buyers


Let’s give buyers a clue on how much spacious this room is and how beautifully it can be utilized!

With the narrow and long spaces and many angles, it is difficult to see how traffic could flow through the room.  How could a conversation area be created with the huge hearth and stove taking up one side of the room?

If your rooms create questions – make sure you provide the answers!


furniture helps define room sizes


We divided the area into three distinct areas and defined them well with attractive furniture and decor.

Now when potential buyers come to see this home they can easily see how their furniture and lifestyle can fit into these angles!




showing a rooms purpose is important to attracting buyers online


The real estate agent was blown away by the transformation and is confident the new photos online and open houses won’t be creating questions — but be someone’s answer their new home search!

Make sure when your home hits the market it answers buyers questions beautifully.  Living in a home that lacks flow and functionality?  Staging can help for occupied homes as well!



Professional home staging


Creative Concepts and Contracting offers professional home staging for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas.  In a competitive market, staging  showcases your home’s potential and shows buyers it is the answer they are looking for!  Contact us at 503-881-0886 for ideas on how staging can help your vacant or occupied home show its best!