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By October 31, 2015

This beautiful luxury home in Salem Oregon was listed June 1st.  It was vacant except for a few pieces of the owners furniture. Throughout the best selling months,  the house wasn’t sold and in mid September Creative Concepts was hired to stage this stunning view property. (Listing price remained the same.)  Guess what???  While fall

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By October 30, 2012

As professional home stagers, we’ve seen it happen over and over again – zombies taking over listings and making them un-sellable!  You’ve seen the houses…..They give vacant stares…. and make you feel creepy…..not wanting to go near! Vacant rooms don’t show well when selling!  This room looks stark, lonely and dull…not appeasing to buyers  

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By February 27, 2011

That’s the first thing my client said to me when I walked in the door on our second meeting.  He was thinking I was crazy I could tell. We’d met earlier in the week and I had given him a list of “to do” items – mostly removing extra furniture, decluttering and I was now

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By October 4, 2010

Can you know for sure that your home will sell in less time if it is staged? If there are two houses side by side, with everything identical except for staging, then there could be a measurable test — but since that opportunity rarely exists, the value of real estate staging sometimes can be difficult

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By October 2, 2010

When real estate agents suggest staging consultations, homeowners often don’t know or understand what exactly is involved.  While staging is common to those in the real estate industry, to others it can remain a fearful or stressful thought. HGTV has educated viewers on the benefits of home staging but has also given lingering misconceptions of

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By September 7, 2010

The following blog was originally posted by a local real estate agent Catherine Ulrey of Keller Williams.  This Salem Oregon home is incredible – beautiful land and views too, but wasn’t attracting an offer.  We were hired to advise on what could be done to improve showings and the marketability of this property. This home

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