Does Home Staging REALLY Help Houses Sell?

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Posted on October 4, 2010

Can you know for sure that your home will sell in less time if it is staged?

If there are two houses side by side, with everything identical except for staging, then there could be a measurable test — but since that opportunity rarely exists, the value of real estate staging sometimes can be difficult to measure.   The question can linger in a home seller’s mind “Would my house have sold if I hadn’t invested in professional staging?”.

This past week, I received a phone call from the buyer of a home we had staged.  We rarely get to speak to the buyers, so it was a real treat!

The home had been on the market vacant for several months, and this potential buyer viewed it at that time.  She informed me “I couldn’t see myself living in the home — how to use the space well, and frankly didn’t fall in love with the house.  It was when I saw it staged, I was sold. ”

She was so sold on the look we created, that she wanted to purchase some of the furniture that was in the house.

So as you prepare to market your home for the best possible offer, what can you do to create an image that people will aspire to own? Home staging is more than a little furniture and decor — it’s creating an irresistible ambiance – one that whispers “there’s a wonderful lifestyle within these walls”.

While buyers shop with logic, offers rarely are made without the buyer falling in love with the home.  This potential buyer would not have given this home a second look if the MLS photos hadn’t looked so irresistible!  Yes – this home sold quicker because it was staged!

About the author:  Margaret Oscilia is partner and a Professional Home Stager with Creative Concepts – Staging and Contracting.  Creating beautiful spaces to come home to, and creating winning strategies for home sellers!