What Can You Expect From a Staging Consultation?

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Posted on October 2, 2010

When real estate agents suggest staging consultations, homeowners often don’t know or understand what exactly is involved.  While staging is common to those in the real estate industry, to others it can remain a fearful or stressful thought.

HGTV has educated viewers on the benefits of home staging but has also given lingering misconceptions of demanding stagers, huge budgets, and grand ideas.

So exactly what is home staging and what can you expect from a staging consultation?

Staging Consultations are usually recommended when homeowners are considering putting their houses up for sale. Home Staging utilizes knowledge of real estate, home renovations, and interior design principles to analyze a home and recommend upgrades, repairs, and styling changes that will improve a home and its appeal to potential home buyers.

Staging involves first cleaning, decluttering, updating and repairing; then showcasing the home through furniture placement, and adding art, light, and decor.  The stress of putting a home on the market can be reduced significantly by obtaining detailed information on how best to prepare your home for sale.

How we live in our homes, and how we present our houses for sale are two very different things.

We personalize our homes – creating a warm and comfortable environment for us.  When preparing a house for sale we are creating a neutral palate for someone else to paint their life story upon.  A professional home stager provides a fresh and unbiased perspective; analyzing the first impressions of each room and offering simple improvements to create buyer appeal.

Over 90% of buyers look first online when shopping for homes and beautiful photos are key to a good marketing plan.  Even a beautiful home can photograph poorly.  Knowing what looks best for photographs is also your stager’s priority.   A staging consultation gives you the tools you need to package your home for sale so it appeals to the broadest audience.

What can you expect from a staging consultation with Creative Concepts and Contracting?

  • 1 ½ to 2-hour Evaluation– inside and out – seeing your home through a buyer’s eyes.
  • Detailed information of free and low-cost recommendations you can implement yourself – cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, lighting, traffic flow and more are addressed.
  • Help on prioritizing what needs to be done and an action plan so it is not overwhelming.
  • Advice on updating and repairs that will give you the best return on your investment.
  • Product & vendor expertise – Our 20 years of experience provide peace of mind and success.
  • A Partner and Cheerleader – Your success with less stress is our priority!

Creative Concepts and Contracting are home staging specialists.  Providing staging and paint color consultations, vacant and occupied home staging, interior redesigns and licensed/bonded/insured contractor services too!  For more information, check our website or call 503-881-0886.