How Much is that Gallon of Paint?!

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Posted on October 4, 2010

Call me crazy, but I love to paint.  Huge transformation – low $$$ — right up my alley! Is it just me or is paint getting more and more expensive – yikes!  $45 for a gallon of paint?  Really?

When buying painting is buying the better quality product line important?

Ask any professional painter and you won’t find them using a bottom of the line paint.

Just to do a little “test” this past week we bought some Sherwin Williams Super Paint – Superior Application and One-Coat Hide.

Bathroom Before Painting

If you’re doing a “test”, you may as well push it right?  Our plan was to paint over this bathroom (currently a very white-blue) with a dark dusky purple . . .

Looks good going on – but what about when it dries?
Superior paint – Superior Results! Well worth the $$!

It went on beautifully – no drips or splatters.  But what about when it dries?  Any white specks shining through?

I had to do a little touch up with the brush here and there where I had a few brush strokes, but the one coat coverage was amazing.

This is actually my own bathroom, which I had painted before.  I was really surprised at how little paint I used this time.  The first time I painted it it took over a gallon.  This time – less than one half of a gallon.  Why?  I didn’t have to do two coats and the coverage was so much better!

If you value your time (one coat versus two),

and value your money (buying less paint),

using top quality paint is definitely worth the investment!

(It’s still okay if you want to buy cheap paint, do two coats, spend more time and buy twice as much paint . . . just be sure to get a beautiful color!)

Happy Painting!

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