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By March 7, 2010

When putting your house on the market it’s important to remember that how we live in our homes and how we prepare our home for sale are two very different things.   When living in a home, there may be rooms that don’t have enough furniture . . .            

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By February 25, 2010

We’ve all heard  “The most important factor of home selling?  Location Location Location!” In our current real estate market – some agents will tell you the most important factor is PRICE, PRICE, PRICE! Our experience tells us it’s location, condition and price!  As home sellers, you can’t change your location. You also can’t change the

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By February 21, 2010

Take a typical 3 bedroom 1 bath Salem home in a NE neighborhood (NE is not considered the hot real estate hub of Salem for those not living in Salem). Add one savvy owner who updated the paint and carpet with some good choices . . . and here are the results:   The curb

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By February 13, 2010

What does love have to do with home buying?  You may think not much, but bear with me — after all it’s almost Valentine’s Day! We were hired by investors to stage a beautiful vacant home.  This home features  new construction with great colors and finishes and the master bedroom was spacious.   The house looked

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By January 30, 2010

The house is SOLD!!!   It’s what we all love to hear! Before staging, over 50 comparable homes had sold, while this lovely home was passed by.   It lacked furniture and decor, and didn’t make a good impression on the internet or in person.  It was in a great neighborhood, well maintained and priced well.

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By January 29, 2010

Sometimes a home with a great floor plan and location can go unnoticed on the MLS . . . especially if the photos don’t show it as an inviting and special home. A few changes can make a dramatic difference and create that all important favorable first impression!              

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