Gutters! Curb Appeal and Maintenance Tips!

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Posted on August 10, 2009

As someone is driving by your home for sale  or checking out your house on the inter-net, your home’s gutters make a loud statement.  They speak volumes on the cleanliness and maintenance of your entire home.  Most home owners don’t look at their gutters frequently – but potential buyers will notice!

gutters bad

Are they appearing grimy – streaked with dirt or algae?

Showing signs of age – saging or with peeling paint?

gutter with plantsOr maybe they shout out – maintenance 911!!!  Are they full of leaves, debris – or worse yet – growing some new follage?

Now if you have beautiful copper or brand new gutters – no need to read further, but for most homeowners – gutters need to be maintained prior to selling your home!

The importance of maintaining your gutter system cannot be underestimated as reinforced by this blog from an inspector.

“Gutters and downspouts however have an absolutely critical role in moisture management.”

If your gutters are in poor condition, they are relatively inexpensive to replace or repair.

If they are in great condition, are they cleaned out?  If not, it can lead to all types of damage and also shorten the life of not only the gutters but other structural components of your home.  Here is a great step by step guide on how to clean out gutters.P1050184

This photo shows a gutter that has rotted on the bottom.  Think that is the only problem?  Not anymore!  Since the water wasn’t redirected from the house now there is dry rot on the lower portion of the home as well.

Making sure gutters are cleaned regularly would have prevented these repair issues.


Most gutters I see on my consultations are in good condition but are stained or dirty.  This is an easy problem to solve without pressure washing.  The first time we saw 30 Second Cleaner I could not believe the results.  Those stains that you think will have to be painted over probably will be removed just by spraying on this product and rinsing with a garden hose.    It’s a product we recommend frequently with tremendous success.

exteriorWhen buyers come to see what your home has to offer; clean, well-maintained gutters will keep their focus on the best features of your home.

It’s a tiny part of curb appeal, but key to presenting a well maintained home!

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