Fall Curb Appeal Tips

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Posted on September 21, 2009

fall is beautiful in OregonThinking fall is the time to pull up the for sale sign and wait until spring?  We think it’s time to boost up the curb appeal before foul weather appears and make sure your home is ready to compete for buyers’ attention! Typically winter brings fewer buyers to the market place, but these buyers are generally more serious and focused on buying a home.

Short on time and money?  Here are some ideas that don’t take a lot of time and don’t break the bank.  Your landscaping can have fabulous appeal all winter long by taking a few extra steps now!

1. It’s time to get a rich lush lawn!  Those thin areas can be beautiful quickly by reseeding now.  With the warm days and cool nights seed will germinate quickly and the lawn can be established with less watering and care.

2. Time to take care of those dandelions and weeds!  Weeds germinate in the fall so by applying weed and feed over the yard there will be fewer dandelions in the spring.  Clear flower beds of weeds now and avoid their growth through the winter months.  We use a pre-emergent product after we weed which helps reduces weed germination.  Our flower beds in the spring now take a few minutes not hours.Spice up curb appeal with a splash of color

3. Keep watering and mow, mow, mow! Want a lawn that looks spectacular?  Mow twice a week with the blade set at 2 ½ to 3 inches through October – you’ll be surprised at how much that makes the grass grow.

4. Colorful leaves are beautiful on the trees, but once strewn on your lawn decrease your home’s visual appeal.  They can damage lawns and become slippery on walkways.  Remove leaves quickly.

5. Remove overgrown or straggly plants.  Take a hard look at your landscape.  Shape shrubs, remove dying or overgrown plants.  Flower beds should have a crisp and clean look in winter months.

6. Add some affordable landscaping.  Nurseries are having great sales this time of year and not only can your yard look better all winter, plants started now can be bigger and well established by spring. We love what a few colorful mums planted along the walkway does for curb appeal for months and months.

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