Accentuate the Positive and it Eliminates the Negative!

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Posted on September 28, 2009

We stood in the entry of a uniquely styled home.  The listing agent observed, “This is where buyers will decide if they are going to buy the home or not – within seconds”.  He understands how important it is to “set the tone” and that first impressions were disappointing in this entry.

How do you create a beautiful entry on a limited budget? Removing the cedar paneling and shingle like decor was not an option.  It was a dark tunnel viewing into a stark white room with dated drapes and worn carpet.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest differences.

If you can’t remove or change it — how can you make negative features look desirable?

entry before staging


We primed and painted the ceiling of the stairwell, which by far made the biggest impact.

Painted the living room a warm beige (although it is washed out in the photo)

Painted the curtain rods to match the oiled bronze light fixture we added in the dining room.  Added contemporary furniture and drapes to attract buyers into the living room.

Out of view is a half round black entry table on the left and a black wrought iron mirror on the right.  It tied into the stairwell, making it look contemporary and as though it “belonged”.  The added plants and art in the stairwell area broke up the dark look of the wood and gave it a “woodsy, organic” feel.



entry after staging



Now when buyers come to see this home and open the door it no longer reveals a dated and dark view, but one that is inviting, comfortable and contemporary!  The home is now receiving raves on the architecture, while for months only complaints have been given about the stairwell and design.

When it comes to staging – remember the old song — accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative — it works!



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