The Power of Paint Color

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Posted on December 18, 2010


Paint colors make the mood
Paint colors make the mood!

Paint! – one of the most affordable things you can do to change a room. Most of the time it misses the mark – doesn’t make the biggest impact possible.

THE perfect color and shade make all the difference.

What do you think about YOUR paint colors?

We painted our dining room recently (it was white!).  Every time I sit down the I think “I LOVE how this room feels“!  Everything else is the same – only the wall color has changed.

I’ve been working with a senior who had moved to a senior assisted living center.  It’s been a rough adjustment period — it doesn’t “feel like home”. Last week the walls were painted a warm yellowy beige and compact sofa arrived.  Now she’s all smiles — “It’s starting to feel so warm and perhaps I can belong here”.

Also worked this week with home buyers providing a paint color consultation. They didn’t make an offer at first on this house because they didn’t like the paint colors and “atmosphere”.  It was out of the question until they saw modified photos which portrayed the home with a different “tone”.  They “fell in love” with the house and are moving in next week  (after it’s repainted).

If you don’t LOVE the colors of your spaces it’s time to make a change. Choose the colors that make your rooms sing and help orchestrate an atmosphere that brings you joy.

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