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By May 21, 2020

In search of the perfect exterior paint color when preparing to sell? When preparing your home for sale (or just want to have a home you LOVE pulling up to), we can help! Choosing exterior paint colors can be a challenge and the right color can make all the difference. Creative Concepts Home Staging and

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By July 12, 2017

Each week we do dozens of staging consultations — advising home sellers on decluttering, fixes needed prior to listing and making sure their homes are ready to impress for showings and the “all important” listing photos. Lately I’ve been hearing “the market is good…..do I REALLY need to paint my red kitchen (burgundy dining room,

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By November 15, 2011

When we first viewed this charming home in Dallas Oregon, the painting was about to begin. The green color that was “oh so perfect” on the tiny paint chip in the store, was a little too bright for most home buyers. The pink the bathroom was a bit bold.   The master bedroom was a

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By December 18, 2010

  Paint colors make the mood! Paint! – one of the most affordable things you can do to change a room. Most of the time it misses the mark – doesn’t make the biggest impact possible. THE perfect color and shade make all the difference. What do you think about YOUR paint colors? We painted

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By October 9, 2010

Home Selling? That faux has got to go! Last week a local blog (Desperately Seeking Salem) advised: “you will want to read this local business’s excellent blog about what it does to make messes into eye candy.”         Neutral colors appeal to home buyers Eye candy . . . mmmmmm.  I like

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By July 25, 2010

Dear Creative Concepts: I’d appreciate some home staging advice.  After watching some additional home improvement shows yesterday, I’m wondering if  I am too bland in my approach to colors for the broader market?  I long ago accepted the concept of going with neutral colors, but many of the television designers seem to consider some pretty

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