Paint Colors and Home Selling – Do colors really matter?

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Posted on July 12, 2017

Each week we do dozens of staging consultations — advising home sellers on decluttering, fixes needed prior to listing and making sure their homes are ready to impress for showings and the “all important” listing photos.

Lately I’ve been hearing “the market is good… I REALLY need to paint my red kitchen (burgundy dining room, lavender powder room)?  

The home I previewed yesterday had lovely taupe trim and the walls were painted a peachy/pink color in the living room, purple in the bedroom, baby blue in the bathroom — perfect for them, but for home selling, this home would photograph poorly and get far fewer showings than if the walls were painted a neutral color.

Guess what!?  It’s not just us that advises that paint color matters when selling!  Zillow’s Paint Color Analysis looked at more than 32,000 photos from sold homes around the country.  Bottom line — want to sell faster or for more money?  It’s time to get some paint on that paint brush!

This home we staged recently for Foksha Homes has paint colors perfect for Oregon home buyers

This study concluded “Some colors may actually deter buyers. Homes with darker, more style-specific walls like terracotta dining rooms sold for $2,031 less than expected. However, a lack of color may have the biggest negative impact as homes with white bathrooms sold for an average of $4,035 below similar homes.”

“Color can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to a home, especially in listing photos and videos,” says Svenja Gudell, Zillow chief economist. “Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space. Incorporating light blue in kitchens and bathrooms may pay off especially well as the color complements white countertops and cabinets, a growing trend in both rooms.”  Check out the entire report here!

Paint color trends are ever-evolving, and while one color may be popular in California or the east coast, it is best to get professional advice on what paint colors in your area are perfect for attracting top dollar for your home!

Painting the perfect colors can be a huge return on investment!

Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting is a professional home staging company located in Salem Oregon and serving the Willamette Valley.  We love providing expert advice on home selling (and perfect paint colors)!   503-881-0886



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