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By November 7, 2022

We get daily emails updating us on real estate  – what’s listed, price changes, and properties under contract.  What’s different lately about these updates? The number of listings showing price reductions. It confirms conversations we’ve heard amongst agents…..” are you seeing things are slowing down”? If selling in a slowing market here are some tips

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By March 25, 2015

Creative Concepts recently was hired to help market a subdivision which wasn’t selling and needed a long-term model.  The homes had been on the market for over six months and the builder was prepared to have the staged model for months while marketing these homes. We staged their model home in February.  Immediately showings picked up,

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By December 20, 2010

When home stagers claim of more showings and quicker sales, sometimes it can seem “too good to be true”. Is it really worth the investment? How can you market your home in 2011 and get it sold? Following is the experience of one Salem Oregon agent who while skeptical of staging claims gave it a

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By November 4, 2010

We’ve heard from a few home sellers that they plan to take their homes off the market until spring. Do experts think prices will be higher in the spring?    No. Will interest rates be lower in the spring?    Very unlikely! Will there be more competition in the spring?   Yes. Wondering how to improve

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By October 22, 2010

Wondering how to get your home noticed with so many homes on the market? I thought this well-written article by Phoebe Chongchua was well worth sharing with our readers! Selling your home can be like a single person trying to get the attention of a prospective date–got to clean up, pour on the charm, and

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By August 2, 2010

As a professional home staging business, we’ve been asked several times if we do virtual staging.  (For those wondering what this is, it is when you take a photo and add paint colors, window coverings and furniture to the photo.) We’ve also been asked by virtual stagers if we would like to be trained to

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