After: Adding staging gave this room a light, bright and open feel. This allows buyers to envision themselves in this space.
Before: This living room had furniture that was not only too large for the space. The room presented as cramped and dark.

We get daily emails updating us on real estate  – what’s listed, price changes, and properties under contract.  What’s different lately about these updates?

The number of listings showing price reductions.

It confirms conversations we’ve heard amongst agents…..” are you seeing things are slowing down”?

If selling in a slowing market here are some tips to help get the best possible sale.

What improvements can be made to the presentation?  Would a few minor tweaks yield big results? Often a room is painted, hardware or light changes, or moving items to storage can make huge results.

Take a hard look at your photos. Does your home look AMAZING?  

Buyers really do want to fall in love with your listing!  How does it compare to the competition?  Over 90% of the listing photos we see could be improved either in the composition or quality.  This is where people shop. (Isn’t it counterproductive to do a price reduction without improving the listing photos since the listing will come in front of so many people at that time?)

Is your home getting “stale”?  

It’s hard to keep houses in “show-ready” condition.  Does the yard need a good once-over again?  More deep cleaning?  Time to move more items to storage?

A staging consultation is a fresh look with constructive advice on how to prepare for the best photos and showings.  A minor investment compared to a price reduction or lingering on the market.
If marketing a vacant home it is hard to show off spaces or unique floor plans.  The photos and showings are not as effective and the statistics provide overwhelming support for an investment in staging.  (It always costs less than a price reduction too!)

There are three elements you have control over when home selling —
You can’t change your location or the competition, but you can improve the presentation!

 (Your agent is responsible for promotion — if it isn’t stellar that is another conversation!)

Make sure each of these factors are the strongest possible when you enter the market or make a price reduction to ensure the best possible sale!  Feeling skeptical that these changes will improve your marketing?  We’d love to share statistics and more information with you!

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