Creative Concepts designers, Bethany and Olivia, combine texture and height in this living room centerpiece.

Looking to elevate your coffee table styling or wondering how ours always looks so beautifully pulled together?

Nail our look by following these quick tips to a stunning centerpiece:


Get this party started with a simple foundation to ground your centerpiece and pull the decor items together. We love using large books and extra large trays. Books are also great to stack in trays or alone. Don’t be afraid to use a round tray on a square table or square book on a round table, do make sure the centerpiece base is substantial


Once you have your base pieces it’s time for decor! Using 3 objects of different heights, unique shapes and interesting textures, group them in a triangle pattern on or around your base piece. Place the largest piece in the center, medium to the middle side and smallest in front, between the medium and large. Scale is a big part of nailing this portion- keep in mind your table size as well as your room size and ceiling height- larger spaces can handle larger decor, but should never block the view while sitting down. Pro tip- having a hard time finding items with good height differences? Place one on your stack of books and Voila!


Keep it interesting by showcasing a medley of textures, items that reflect your individuality or seasonal decor! A glossy vase + glossy orb + glossy tray can fall flat and is too much of one texture. Ideally you don’t repeat the same. Instead, explore tactile materials that look and feel different. Let your personality shine- store-bought decor is lovely, but let a piece or two reflect your individuality.


Flowers and plants can bring life to any space! Trending now are plants with a lot of movement (think plants that will blow in the wind), long stems or even ornamental sticks look great- these provide height, texture and interest… a win-win. Real is great for all you green thumbs, but there are plenty of amazing faux options that can be swapped out seasonally to keep you look fresh and gorgeous year round!

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