Buyers notice carpet condition since replacement can be a big ticket item. Carpets in the best condition can improve the success of a home sale.

Have you ever wondered why the edges of carpets can look so dirty?

Even after a professional cleaning?

Simple answer? It’s because they are. 

Carbon builds up along baseboards, door edges, and floor HVAC vents, creating a shadow of grime that is difficult to clean.

To remove these stains we recommend Prochem Filter-Out, an easy 4-step process that can lift the carbon stains and restore carpet edges in as little as 10 minutes. This technology defeats the particle charge attraction and allows the soil to be extracted.

Regular carpet cleaning won’t remove these grimy shadows so they are often thought of as permanent stains. Now you know the secret to ensuring your carpets look their best!

Preparing to sell? Small details matter! Our staging consultations can help you prioritize the work needed and give you all the tips and tricks like this to make the process go smoothly.

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