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By November 18, 2012

What’s the biggest mistake people make when updating their kitchens and bathrooms?     Choosing surfaces that don’t complement each other.  They might be close….almost a good match — but there is a little difference that makes it “off”. Not that each individual surface isn’t beautiful on its own – but when they are all brought

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By October 30, 2012

As professional home stagers, we’ve seen it happen over and over again – zombies taking over listings and making them un-sellable!  You’ve seen the houses…..They give vacant stares…. and make you feel creepy…..not wanting to go near! Vacant rooms don’t show well when selling!  This room looks stark, lonely and dull…not appeasing to buyers  

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By June 16, 2012

Our Salem Oregon staging company has had so much fun staging Salem and Dallas builder tour homes this past week! We were thrilled to stage for three local builders at four homes and hope you will be sure to see them as you attend the 2012 Home Buiilders Assocation Tour of Homes for Marion/Polk Counties!

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By May 3, 2012

Dear Creative Concepts: Hi! We have an obnoxious, large, brass Broadway light fixture that I despise! We would love to replace it, however the hole where the electrical is is not centered over our double sink vanity. We need something with a large bar that can be mounted off center. Any thoughts? Heidi   Dear

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By March 11, 2012

We often see tiles that are tattle tales. You know the type — the ones that scream – “I was built in 1980 and custom!  People should love me forever”! Often the culprit can be accent tiles — strategically placed to bring color into the room.  Now they bossily influence the decorating scheme and to

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By February 26, 2012

Professional stagers claim that home staging is a proven method of marketing real estate effectively. But is it really?       Or is it just wishful thinking? It’s hard to deny the power of  listing photographs – and with 94% of home buyers searching online first, the first showing is not taking place with

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