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By September 16, 2009

When a room has an unconventional floor plan it can be overwhelming for buyers to envision how they would best utilize the space.  When it is vacant – it’s twice as difficult.   This room is very large with beautiful, soaring ceilings and windows overlooking a lovely private yard — yet it has lingered on

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By August 10, 2009

As someone is driving by your home for sale  or checking out your house on the inter-net, your home’s gutters make a loud statement.  They speak volumes on the cleanliness and maintenance of your entire home.  Most home owners don’t look at their gutters frequently – but potential buyers will notice! Are they appearing grimy

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By August 3, 2009

As we continue to examine curb appeal we’re going in-depth about roofs and moss — it doesn’t have any appeal when it’s on your roof! As you look at a house, the roof is a major portion of the view and curb appeal.  If you see moss, it must be removed.  Not only does it

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By August 2, 2009

A recent poll of home buyers asked: “Aside from the Kitchen and Bathroom what is the biggest selling point of a house”?    Think you know the answer? It wasn’t a spacious master suite . . . Lots of storage . . . a bonus room . . . or other structural features of a house.

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By July 15, 2009

Curb appeal – maybe an overused phrase? Not according to studies. Buyers are extremely influenced by curb appeal. As a home stager, we educate home sellers on how key first impressions are when buyers approach their homes. People want to buy a beautiful home – and the view from the curb is vital to enticing

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