Spice up Your Entry and Increase Curb Appeal

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Posted on July 15, 2009

Attracting buyers to your home
Curb appeal – maybe an overused phrase? Not according to studies. Buyers are extremely influenced by curb appeal. As a home stager, we educate home sellers on how key first impressions are when buyers approach their homes. People want to buy a beautiful home – and the view from the curb is vital to enticing them to make an appointment to see more.

This newer home in a great neighborhood had so much going for it – especially a fantastic backyard. While discussing curb appeal with the owners I recommended several things – one of which was painting the front door. I recommended a few bold colors which would draw attention to the front door and add some much-needed contrast to this “vanilla” view.The owners really hesitated to paint the door a bold color, but rather than discard my recommendation, they decided to drive through some high-end neighborhoods and see how they compared. Very quickly they realized the value of zipping up their door color. The high-end homes had colors and touches that created a richer custom feel.

spice up your front door color and curb appeal

The doorknob was brass and worn, which was replaced with a new oiled bronze color set which matched the light fixture. Other changes are also being made over the next few days which will add some finishing “zing” on their curb appeal project.

Thinking about preparing your home for sale? Starting at the curb and implementing a few simple changes can have a huge impact on how buyers will perceive your home’s value. Spend a little time cleaning away the cobwebs, painting the door, cleaning the kick plate or changing hardware and see what a difference just simple changes can have on your curb appeal!

Which entry is more appealing to you?improve curb appeal through colorcolorful door improves curb appeal

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