Suffering from a colorful past?

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Posted on July 15, 2009

These homes suffered from a colorful past – and when corrected the results were astounding. You’ve seen these homes – ones that are in a dated hue, are too personal or bold. Over 85% of home buyers are looking first on the internet when shopping for real estate. When preparing a home for sale, it’s time to hide those wild colors!

Color – it can transform a room from cool to warm, serene to vibrant, stark to cozy. We love color and the affordable and huge impact it can make. It can make a huge “wow” when everything comes together well and the colors are perfect, but when the colors aren’t “quite right” or show as dated or too personalized buyers will be turning to more attractive hues!

kitchen needing painting














This home lingered on the market for far too long. We provided a staging consultation and convinced (yes it was a hard sell) the sellers to paint the kitchen. Multiple offers were received and both the agent and seller were convinced the painting and staging were key to this success!

kitchen painted shows beautifully














While we loved the paint job on this bonus room – it was far too personal to entice most home buyers that may not have toddlers who loved Elmo! By painting a neutral color and staging it as an office, it has a broader appeal.

bonus room redesign

bonus room staged




























This living room’s color was also a road block in attracting a buyer’s attention!

living room remodeling done affordably

affordable living room remodel


























This neutral tone is anything but dull!

dining room before home staging














I loved this dining room color – and so did the home sellers! However, it did make the room seem smaller and darker, and it may not appeal to many home buyers. After repainting, buyers will focus on the beautiful backyard view, bay window and spacious room – not the room color!

home staging in Oregon
















We love homes with colorful pasts – here’s a sneak preview of a few we’re working with . . .

color consultations are a great investment!

paint and wallpaper recommendations

wallpaper removal is easy

















































Don’t let your home’s colorful past affect the marketability to a broad buyer base!

Most potential buyers do not have the ability to envision your home with an updated palette, and will always assume repainting is more work than it really is. Statistics show that buyers want move in ready and are willing to pay more for homes that don’t require repairs and updates.

Contact a professional home stager to get the right color the first time and make sure your new look is one that helps your home project a beautiful future.

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