Over 45% of Home Buyers Want . . .

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Posted on August 2, 2009

A recent poll of home buyers asked: “Aside from the Kitchen and Bathroom what is the biggest selling point of a house”?    Think you know the answer?

It wasn’t a spacious master suite . . .

Lots of storage . . .

a bonus room . . .

or other structural features of a house.

This biggest selling point is available to each and every home seller – no matter the size, location or type of home they are marketing.  It’s something over 45% of home buyers want, but it’s often overlooked or deemed as a minor selling point by sellers.

It’s curb appeal!

45% of home buyers felt that curb appeal was one of the top selling points of a house.  Every home seller can improve their home’s curb appeal so it will be more attractive to home buyers.   We’ll be posting in depth curb appeal tips and tricks for the next few days! Meanwhilehere’s some ideas to get you started.

Take a picture from across the street and be impartial as you view the results. Is the presentation clean, crisp and inviting?  Does is give an image of well maintained or in need of attention?   If it is in a neighborhood of similar homes will it stand out as attractive or customized?

Exterior before staging






As you examine the photo of your home and start planning to improve your home’s curb appeal, use these questions to critically analyze the photo

  1. Starting at the top – how do the roof and gutters look?
  2. Paint and trim condition and colors?
  3. Lighting and fixtures updated?
  4. Flower beds and lawns attractive?
  5. Inviting entry?
  6. Easy care or a maintenance nightmare?
  7. Clean and Pristine?

Exterior after staging

Whether buyers are viewing photos online or driving by your house, having great curb appeal is a powerful tool for marketing your home.  Studies show that buyers create a strong impression whether or not they will make an offer within 10 seconds of entering a home. As they approach they are making assumptions on how the home is maintained – assumptions that are hard to change!  If the home is poorly maintained outside, it is difficult to overcome that assumption, even if the inside is in pristine condition.

What are the assumptions buyers are making about your home as they:

  • drive up and park,
  • walk up to the entry
  • stand on the stoop with the agent as they are unlocking and opening the door?

This is the first in a series of curb appeal posts –– more in-depth strategies and tips will be posted to help you create car stopping curb appeal affordably and effectively!

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