Home Buyers HAVE To Understand I’m Living Here! Don’t They?

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Posted on December 16, 2011

During a recent home staging consultation a home seller (who had children) said “We can’t live in a staged home!  Home buyers will just have to understand that we live here”.

These home sellers did most of what we recommended to prepare their home for sale, but there were two huge issues not resolved which would have cost them less than $500 — many months later, their home is still on the market.

On the other hand, we have many sellers who take the “I’ll do what ever it takes” approach.   When selling a home the “packaging” is so important!

They rented some items from our inventory of furniture and decor.  Our staging company provided them lots of tips and tricks on how to best live in a home that was for sale, making it less stressful for their families.  Better yet — each of them sold in under 30 days!

Sold in under 30 days?!!

These homes were NOT super bargain priced.  They did have a step up on the competition however because they:

  • priced where the agent recommended (and didn’t have to do a price reduction because of the quick sale)
  • prepared their homes well for sale (maintenance and staging)
  • marketed the listings well (professional photography and marketing by agent)

They also were inconvenienced a very short time because the home sold quickly!!



These are just a few of the success stories we have been a part of in 2011. If you want a higher price for your home or don’t really need to sell, now is not the time to make a half hearted approach to selling.  (And it could be many years before those prices rise.)






These rooms aren’t perfect. All have used items the home seller’s had on hand to help keep the staging costs down.

The amount these sellers paid for staging was minor compared to having them keep their home on the market for months (and possibly lower the price), not to mention the stress related to living in a staged home for month after month!  They transformed their homes from ordinary to extraordinary and the results speak for themselves!

They all portrayed a beautiful home as well as a desirable lifestyle that was awaiting new home buyers.  The secret is — buyers will take into consideration that you are living in a home for sale. BUT — they won’t feel as much “WOW” or as welcomed …. and your home probably won’t be the one they fall in love with (and those are the ones that get the offers).

When marketing your Oregon home for sale, make sure it is properly prepared for the best possible sale. Even if you are living in the home, it can look like the dream home buyers are looking for!

Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager with Creative Concepts-Home Staging and Contracting serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas who specializes in helping home sellers stage to sell and homeowners to transform their homes from ordinary to extraordinary.   Services range from staging and paint color consultations, providing rental furniture and decor for vacant homes, re-designing occupied homes to managing remodeling projects.

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