Twas the Month Before Listing …

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Posted on December 19, 2011

We’re getting lots of calls from homeowners preparing to launch their homes into the market in January — and many of our staged homes received offers this month!  This little poem came from my hubby’s creative genius and was posted previously but I just had to share again this year!


Happy Holidays!

Twas the month before listing, when all through the house
the owners were nervous, and began to grouse.
It was time they decided their house to prepare,
in hopes that some buyers soon would be there.

There was no time to rest all snug in their beds,
images of projects danced in their heads.
“What to do, where to start?” I said with a snap.
“A buyer‘s not going to just fall in our lap!”

Bring in the stager and stop all this chatter,
See if they can tell us what improvements really matter.
In this poor economy to sell in a flash,
we must learn how to give our house some panache!

Architecture to highlight and spaciousness to show
do you think the bottle collection and moose head must go?
Before the realtors and buyers appear,
the need for a plan and strategy was clear.

The stager appeared, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment she was just the trick.
In rapid succession the ideas they came,
she saw all the problems and called them by name:

“The Clutter! The Dirt!
The dated decor!
Deferred maintenance!
And papers galore!
We‘ll stage it all from the front to back door!
And make sure it‘s the house
All buyers will adore!”

With that, her pen — it began to fly,
preparing a plan for success to try
the before photos they showed quite a mess,
and many more issues we must address.

It‘s time, she said, with little ado
To be painting your interior a neutral hue
Your sofa is gaudy and condition is poor
A slip cover will transform it, she began to implore.

From pressure washing the walk and driveway too,
we started on the prioritized list of much to do.
Cleaning, decluttering – there was no looking back,
the extra clothes, the photos and collections to pack.

The windows! How they sparkled! The rooms! How airy!
Opening the closet door was no longer scary!
The master bedroom fabulous décor did sport,
Reminding viewers of a relaxing resort.

More lighting and décor gave the house a new look
All done with very little stress to the pocketbook!
The photos now prepared for buyers online
Showed a property that could be described as sublime!

With a series of comps to compare all the fixings
All fears were allayed; we would have a great listing.
Our realtor can now market in so many ways,
And assured us a sale in a matter of days.

One after the other, with comments to share;
Realtors on tour agreed, no house would compare.
Every room was inspected, our efforts made clear,
A buyer could be expected, we had little to fear.

The Open House, a gala event
They came dropping their cards and compliments were sent.
The buyers were plentiful, all in the queue –
The color of money, oh what a hue!

The offer it came, with the speed of a missile
The key was the Stager, oh what a pistol!
And our realtor exclaimed as we closed with delight,
“Happy selling to all, and to all a good night!”

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