6 Important Tips For Better Curb Appeal

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Posted on February 15, 2023

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and thought, “Oh! That house is the cutest!”? 

Whether it was its impeccably manicured lawns or the welcoming porch, something drew you to this home’s curb appeal. 

This is the exact feeling you want buyers to have when they view your home. 

Here are six tips to improve your home’s curb appeal and gain more viewings! 

  1. Power wash your house and clean your gutter fronts.

Here in the PNW,  the weather can really give your home a beating. Clearing gutters of leaves and having clean gutter fronts will give your home a nice “put together” look. Washing dirt and mildew from the siding gives a fresh facelift. 

  1. Get a healthy lawn – mow and edge the lawn, trim bushes, weed your flower beds and plant seasonal flowers. 

A healthy manicured lawn and lush garden space will turn heads. It’s time to remove the garden gnomes and empty planters.  Planting flowers to add pops of color can leave a great lasting impression.  Selling in the winter?  Fresh mulch, pruning and a freshly groomed yard can set you apart from the competition. 

  1. Paint your front door & decorate your entry.

Changing your front door color can add an instant curb appeal with minimal effort. Colors such as blues and yellows can add a cheery vibe while painting a door rust or black can pose a bold statement. Frame the front of your home by keeping things symmetrical. Place identical potted plants (or groupings of container gardens) on either side of the front door. If your home has a generously sized front porch, use decor and plants to show it off.  Make sure the pots do not crowd the walkway or porch!  A few larger items are much better than several small items. 

All homes – at every price point can have good curb appeal!
  1. Update your exterior lighting.

 If your fixtures are original, they probably need to be updated. Beautiful exterior lighting options are available for about $45. This is the jewelry your house needs to outshine the competition.  Make sure the metal colors complement the decor. Black and nickel are our go-to colors. And how about those house numbers?  Do they need an update too?

  1. Accent with Furniture- Create an outdoor living space with a table, chairs and simple outdoor decor. 

A patio is one of the most popular forms of outdoor spaces. Regardless of its size, a lovely patio with a sleek, modern look and a comfortable atmosphere can be used as a family area, a place for guest entertainment or a spot for some quiet contemplation. 

  1. Add yard lighting-There are lots of DIY upgrades to highlight your home at night.

Solar-powered exterior lights are simple to install along your garden beds or to line your driveway. For a dramatic effect, try pointing a ground spotlight or floodlight up the trunk and branches of a majestic tree.

Everyone is attracted to a home that feels well-maintained and easy to care for. Get your home sale on the right track with great curb appeal!

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