Next Thursday is National “Know your Customer Day”. How well do we know our customers?

There aren’t too many secrets after we do a staging consultation exploring every space and discussing every home selling challenge!

What do our home staging consultants recommend almost daily?

1 – Many homes have some mineral build-up on showers doors. Often older toilets, drain pops ups and showerheads can be difficult to get looking like new. Can we over-rate the importance of clean bathrooms and keeping potential buyers from thinking of the cost of replacing shower doors? We love Bio-Clean products and how it makes these difficult jobs manageable.

Bio-Clean is well known for removing water spots from glass… But it also works well on showers, tile, chrome, stainless steel and all hard surfaces not harmed by a mild detergent.

Bio Clean is a polish; If the stains are really bad it may take a little more elbow-grease or two applications. Not available in all stores – mostly Ace Hardware stores or on Amazon. (If this doesn’t work on your specific build up we also have some other products we recommend so let us know if you need more ideas!)

2 – Mr Clean Magic Eraser is a miracle worker on painted wood surfaces. It is perfect for removing the dust collected on top of base trim, finger prints, cleaning banisters, doors and more. Did you know you can use DRY magic erasers to clean glass and mirrors? Inexpensive and we continue to be amazed at how many people don’t know about this simple product!

3 – Wood Surfaces can become nicked and show wear. Restor-a-Finish is the miracle worker for these surfaces. I’ve blogged before about this product in more detail, (here) and does what it promises — restores wood stained finishes so quickly and easily. If surfaces are deeply damaged, this doesn’t replace a good painter’s repairs but almost always needed when homes feature stained wood!

4 – A prioritized list to focus their efforts – Last week one of our clients had spent hours organizing her children’s closets. While these areas looked great, the kitchen and master bedroom had a long list of “to do” items.  Our consultation left her with a clear focus on where to continue concentrating her efforts. A staging consultation always improves listing photos and relieves home selling stress, Having a customized “to do” list takes the guesswork of how much prep is needed before photos and sellers love this guidance.

We love knowing your customers well and helping them with all their prepare to sell needs!

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